IMAGE Featured On

Image has been featured on a brand new Gospel music review website called What is is the latest stories on what’s happening in the world of gospel entertainment…

IMAGE featured on Holy Culture

On August 18th, 2012, IMAGE’s new single Public Announcement was featured on Holy Culture’s tag line represents it’s mission “connect, collab and inspire.” We exist to promote Christ, serve the Christian…

IMAGE featured on GrooveShark

Image’s new single “Public Announcement” is now an available song to listen to on GrooveShark. Grooveshark is an internet service for music. Users can stream and upload music that can…

IMAGE Featured on

Image is now featured on the rap and hip hop website . Visit the website and support the single by giving it a high rating  

New Single – Public Announcement

The Single can also be found at NoiseTrade:

Welcome to the new website

Welcome to the official website for the Christian recording artist Image. This site will be for news, blog updates, devotionals, music, tours, and booking information. Also we want to hear…

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